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Where will construction activities take place?
Does Maryland need the power that the project will generate?
How much power will the plant generate?
What is a combined-cycle plant?
Can the plant run on an alternate fuel?
Will the investment in the PSEG Keys Energy Center require the issuance of equity capital to finance PSE&G’s capital program?
How do you intend to finance the construction of the PSEG Keys Energy Center?
Companies do not usually earn their cost of capital on a new build. Why is this different?
Will the facility have oil as a backup fuel to assure availability and the ability to bid as a Capacity Performance unit in PJM?
Why is it a good time to build this plant?
Will the plant qualify for Capacity Performance (CP) as defined by PJM under the proposed changes to PJM’s capacity market, called the Reliability Pricing Model (RPM)?
What steps will be taken to protect the environment?
Will there be an adequate supply of natural gas to run the plant?
What type of fuel will be used to run the plant?
What technology will be used to generate electricity?
What are SNC Lavalin LBE/LMBE Utilization and Direct Hire Labor Goals for the Project?
What type of equipment will be utilized?
Will new transmission lines be required as part of the project?
Will the project’s water requirements impact the supply of local drinking water?
What is SNC Lavalin’s role in the PSEG Keys Energy Center LLC?
When is construction expected to begin?
When is the plant expected to come on line?
Will the community benefit financially from the project?
How many permanent jobs will the project add to the community?
Where will the plant be located?
How many jobs will be required to construct the project?
Who addresses concerns related to the construction process?
How can I meet with project representatives to learn more about SNC Lavalin construction opportunities and get updates related to the project?
How will SNC Lavalin continue to engage the community throughout the construction phase of the project?
How are procurement and employment opportunities with SNC Lavalin advertised?
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