PSEG Keys Energy Center Alerts Residents Of Local Mail Scam

(Brandywine, Maryland – January 22, 2018) – PSEG Keys Energy Center in Brandywine, Maryland, currently under construction, is urging area residents to be alert to scams in the area. In the most recent scam, a mailer recently was sent bearing the Keys Energy Center name and address as the return address. Inside, recipients found a check and a note urging them to text a specific phone number and ask for a specific name to “for verification and security purposes.” The note urges the recipients to text the given phone number before depositing the check so that the money will be available in their accounts immediately.

According to PSEG corporate security, the scammers eventually will text the recipient and ask for banking access numbers, purporting to send the e-cash directly to their account. Once the recipient complies by providing their respective routing and account numbers, the scammer now has the ability to empty their bank account electronically.

Although the Keys Energy Center name and address appears in the package’s return address, neither the letter nor check found inside bears the company’s name. PSEG Keys Energy Center is not affiliated with this mailing and anyone who takes further action as outlined in the letter is doing so at their own risk.

If you or someone you know receives such a package through the U.S. Postal Service, PSEG advises you to immediately report the scam by calling your local police department.