PGC Councilman Mel Franklin Visits Students At The PSEG Energy Career Program

Prince George’s County Councilman Mel Franklin recently visited the students of the PSEG Energy Career Program.

During the visit, he learned about the program and spoke with students about taking advantage of the opportunity to have a potential career in the energy industry. He also talked with students about how the program could serve as a career pathway to a variety of high paying jobs.

The PSEG Energy Career Program is a free program that educates and train students for careers in the power production industry.

PSEG has partnered with Prince George’s County Public Schools to offer this innovative educational experience for recent graduates of the county’s school system.

Students receive a paid internship for the program and possibility for employment at Keys Energy Center or other PSEG facilities upon successful completion of both phases of the program. Click here for more information about the PSEG Energy Career Program and how to apply.

See pics from the visit below.

Prince George’s County Councilman Mel Franklin explains how taking advantage of opportunities helped shaped his professional career.

PSEG Energy Career Program students share their experiences about the program with the councilman.

PSEG Energy Career Program students listen to PSEG Keys Energy Center Project Director Andrew Caplinger talk about career paths in the energy industry.


Students record their notes in the PSEG Daily Safety Journal & Reflections notebook.