PSEG Keys Energy Center: Construction Status Update (As Of July 1, 2016)

In June, PSEG and SNC Project Management personnel relocated from temporary off-site office to the main plant site. The plant entrance road was paved with asphalt, and installation of the temporary fabric warehouse will be completed in early July. The craft parking lot has been completed and is in use.

Installation of the off-site water & sewer lines commenced on June 21st by Ferreira Construction Company. Portions of Old Indianhead and Tower Roads will be required to be closed to through traffic during this work. Access for residents will be maintained. Our plan is to complete the work on these two roads before the start of the next school year in August. Following the work on Old Indianhead Road, the entire length of the road from Tower to Brandywine will be milled and paved by PSEG Keys Energy Center to benefit the residents in the area. The gas pipeline is under construction and is near the 50% complete point. The pipeline has been bored underneath North Keys Road.