PSEG Keys Energy Center: Construction Status Update

Construction of the underground, eight-mile-long gas line from Woodville Road in Charles County to the PSEG Keys Energy Center on North Keys Road in Prince George’s County began on December 7 with the commencement of tree clearing and wetlands protection. The project employs an Independent Environmental Monitoring (IEM) firm that is required by the project permits.

This IEM has direct reporting mechanisms to all local, state and federal permitting agencies to ensure our compliance with all requirements for protected wetlands and species, including the use of heavy matting to protect the sensitive areas. The gas line area is being cleared north to south and has reached the area of Cedarville Road. Installation of the gas pipe itself will commence in May, working from the south to the north.

Activities at the plant site on North Keys Road have picked up again after a holiday break. Preparation of the new PEPCO switchyard area and construction lay-down areas have commenced. Installation of underground piping and electrical conduits will commence this month, as well. Once acceptable compaction from the 26-foot-high surcharge dirt pile is achieved, the dirt either will be returned to the northern portion of the plant property or used to level out the switchyard area.